Midnight Writer (midnightwriter) wrote in fuck_culture,
Midnight Writer

Guilty as charged: "Love in the workplace"

A knock at the door awoke me from my slumber on the couch...
As I was dreaming about Maria. I was on the computer in the tool room and Maria was standing behind me with her hands on my shoulders and her face was close to mine. I was melting from the closeness of her.

There at the door stood a man with a badge. He said: "Are you the man known as Lee?" I replied: "Yes I am, what do you want?" He said: " I have a warrant for your arrest! You are charged with falling in love on company time".

What! I exclaimed! You have to be kidding me! "Come on son, put your hands in front of you so I can put these hand cuffs on. I have to take you in. You know it's against Eclipse Aviation policies to use company time for love and against the state laws of New Mexico. Love is only allowed off company property."

So he carted me off to jail to be locked up with the other criminals. You know the mother rapers, father rapers, child molesters and such.

Whew! Then I woke up in a cold sweat!
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