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fuck_culture's Journal

Fuck your culture!
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Fuck your culture!

The point of this community is that culture is stupid. Not 'oh i just rented the latest larry clark flick and it's certainly devine' type of the culture. But all that bullshit where some bitch thinks because she's got freckles she ought to wear green on the 17th of march. PSSTT. fuck that.

It's for everybody who's sick of people who say stuff like "Oh, well, where I come from we don't do that." Or people who say "Yeah, my ancestors went through a lot."

Or people who talk about WHITE PRIDE or BLACK PRIDE or JEW PRIDE or anybody who is a member of the POLISH-AMERICAN FEDERATION OF CALIFORNIA.

Nobody cares. Seriously, shut up. Our point is kinda fuck culture, fuck racism, and also Fuck race because it does not exist and point out where your family is from or acting like what they went through in the past is your pain too is stupid.

We hate stupid redneck hicks as much as we hate mini-facist revolutionaries screaming about assimilation and exotification as well as anybody who accuses you of "acting white" or "acting black" because it it NOT POSSIBLE TO ACT A SKIN COLOUOR.

This community is lame and you seriously should not join it.

What the fuck does this picture have to do with anything?